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INDIAN POLITY The Constitutional Framework and Topical Issues 2018 Edition

The Constitutional Framework and Issues related to Governance, Development and Social Justice
A Concise Overview of the Indian Constitution and Political System

The political system of a country is not just about the form of government and the structure of institutions but also about the inter-relationship of the organs of the State and the people at large.In a modern political system, there are several areas in which government intervention is visible,sometimes even necessary. In a country like India, which exhibits enormous diversity and complexity of socio-economic conditions that are derived from a continuous history of over 5000 years, the political system faces many challenges if the constitutional imperatives of liberty, justice (social and economic) and fraternity are to be met.

This book is unique for its comprehensive approach, discussing several aspects of the Indian polity.It examines the constitutional framework of the present-day political system in India—how it evolved and how it has been modified over the years. In the process, comparisons with world constitutions are incorporated in the discussions. It also discusses various issues pertaining to the working of the Constitution. Besides, it critically overviews the government interventions in the socio-economic development processes in the country that are part of the welfare state, with the concomitant growing participation of civil society in governance processes. Comprehensive in scope but precise and systematic in presentation and easy to understand, the book is primarily designed for the UPSC Civil Services aspirants—not only for the General Studies paper, but also for certain optionals that require a thorough understanding of Indian polity. It is likely to be of use to candidates of other competitive examinations as well as those who seek information on the Indian political system and related issues of current importance. Also of significance is the inclusion of important legislations and court verdicts relevant to understanding the evolving interpretation of the Constitution and practices of governance. Recent reports of the Law Commission and the latest Finance Commission report have also been given to widen the understanding of political issues.

In the fifth edition of the book, several changes have been incorporated and new developments have been included. Besides, some issues of current interest are discussed under ‘Debatable Issues’ in the Appendices. This book would not have been possible without the help of many sources—standard textbooks besides articles by political scholars and commentators in various newspapers, magazines and journals. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the help these works have provided us. We hope the book, in its present form, will prove helpful in meeting the requirements of the readers.
Constructive suggestions for its improvement are welcome.

Kalpana Rajaram
August 2017


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