Spectrum’s QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE for Bank PO/MT and Other Competitive Examinations

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Spectrum’s QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE for Bank PO/MT and Other Competitive Examinations


QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE for Bank PO/MT and Other Competitive Examinations

Fourth Revised Edition    2017

Quantitative Aptitude or numerical ability tests are a part of examinations held for the recruitment of officers to banks as well as certain other sectors. These tests examine the candidates’ knowledge of basic mathematics and also demand expert time management from them. This book has basically been designed to help candidates understand the basic concepts of math—or refresh their minds about them—and learn ways to solve problems fast. It is divided into two sections—Learning Curve 1 and Learning Curve 2.

LEARNING CURVE 1 consists of several units progressing from the very basic to more advanced topics of mathematics. Each unit deals with a few topics, presenting the concepts and principles and then going on to illustrate their use. Woven into these information units are fast-track formulae (or shortcuts) that are practical and rather essential if the problems are to be solved fast. Their usage is also amply illustrated through worked examples. Each unit also has a number of practice exercises with questions based on the topics covered. These multiple choice questions are typical of the kind that are set in the examinations. Every practice exercise is accompanied by answers and detailed solutions to the questions. Alongwith conventional solutions, there are shortcuts suggested for most of the questions. It is important to remember that the multiple choice format allows you to locate the answer without having to solve the sum fully. This book guides the candidates on how to do that—another time management skill. At times, shortcuts are specific to problems; the ability to find the correct one where required is a skill that comes with practice—and that practice is ensured by the large variety and number of questions in this book and the suggested solutions.

LEARNING CURVE 2 consists of several test papers set in actual examinations of recent years, mostly for the recruitment of probation-ary officers at banks. (The questions are based on the recall of candidates at these examinations.) These papers have been fully solved. This section is aimed at giving readers a feel of the examination and the opportunity to assess themselves in terms of both knowledge and time management. Knowing where one falls short is a great help in improving oneself. And knowing one can answer the questions accurately within the stipulated time leads to the building up of confidence.

Though mainly designed for candidates of bank probationary officers’ examinations, this book Quantitative aptitude will also prove quite useful for candidates of other examinations that test numerical aptitude/ability. It could even be useful as a refresher for high school and college students.

Suggestions for improving the book are welcome.

Kalpana Rajaram



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