SPECTRUM’S Historical Atlas of India

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Historical Atlas of India

SPECTRUM’S Historical Atlas of India Revised and Enlarged Edition 2017

The wide appreciation shown for the book SPECTRUM’S Historical Atlas of India has encouraged us to bring out a fresh revised and enlarged edition which also takes into account the recent changes in the examination trends.

In this book three sets of maps have been presented: one that shows India through the ages from prehistoric times to immediately after independence; the second giving the sites of historical places of India; and the third that gives sites pertaining to specific facets of Indian History and Culture. The first two sections have descriptive texts to accompany the maps which will prove adequate to study the third set of maps.

In the case of the historical sites, no distinction has been made between ‘ancient’ and ‘medieval’ in their arrangement, as from the point of view of an examination, you will be asked to mark the location of a place of historical importance; whether of ‘ancient’ or ‘medieval’ importance, you need to know where in India it is situated, and it will be in the accompanying written description that you will have to show your knowledge of the period of importance. Furthermore, some places are not limited in their significance to any one period of history. So, in this book, the sites are arranged alphabetically and depicted in maps accompanying each group. The text on each place, however, gives a brief picture of its historical/cultural importance, emphasizing on the most significant features. The reader is likely to find the arrangement helpful, making it easy to locate sites.

The book ,SPECTRUM’S Historical Atlas of India ,deals with more than 300 places, many of which have appeared more than once in the examinations of the UPSC Civil Services (Main) for History Optional.

In the last section of the book, there are useful guidelines on how to remember the location of different places so as to be able to mark the site correctly on a blank map, or to identify sites indicated by numbers on a map. Besides, there are a number of practice exercises(including  recent  examination  questions)  alongwith  their  solutions. Much research and careful study have gone into the production of the book. However, despite the effort put in, it is possible that some error may have crept in, and inadvertently overlooked. It would be a great help to us—and to future readers—if you communicate to us your doubts, constructive criticism, and suggestions to further improve the book.

Kalpana  Rajaram


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