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GEOGRAPHY (World Physical and Human Geography)  2017


GEOGRAPHY (World Physical and Human Geography)

Editor’s Note

It gives us great pleasure to bring out yet another revised edition of ‘Geography’. This book deals with the detailed and extensive syllabus spelt out by the UPSC for Geography as an optional subject for the Civil Services Examination (Mains) and also covers the topics prescribed for the UGC NET/SLET examination. This book will also be useful for the General Studies papers as per the NEW UPSC syllabus for Civil Services Main Examination.

Geography encompasses a wide area of study, each section deserving an entire volume to itself. This book aims to present the essentials of this vast subject concisely, overviewing various aspects pertaining to the geography of the world with special attention to India. A difficult undertaking, but ably accomplished initially by Rajiv Ahir, now in the Indian Police Service, and later by other contributors adding more information units as new developments took place and as demanded by changing trends in the syllabi. The attempt to elucidate the text through a large number of diagrams and maps, tables and charts makes this work stand apart from many other books of the kind. Yet another striking feature is the incorporation of recent available authentic facts and figures relating to economic geography of the world and of India, in particular. Several case studies illustrate and exemplify theoretical propositions. Deep and wide ranging research has gone into the writing of the book and several well-known textbooks and geographical writings have been consulted to make it of utmost use to the reader.

Though the book has been written primarily for the candidates offering Geography as an optional subject in the Civil Services Main Examination, even a cursory glance through it will show its usefulness as a refresher for anyone studying the subject at college level or for other competitive examinations of a high standard.We are hopeful that the present revised edition gives as comprehensive a coverage to the varied topics as is possible within a single book.

We are open to comments and suggestions which can further improve the book.
Kalpana Rajaram
August 2017


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