Spectrum’s Geography of India

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Geography of India


Geography of India

A country of vast size, India manifests strikingly different geographical features.
Mountains, young and old; rivers, perennial and seasonal; deserts, plains, rugged ghats and beautiful beaches; soils ranging from the fertile alluvium to the black,red and lateritic; snowfalls, cyclones and droughts; vegetation cutting across from the temperate to the tropical—India has them all. The country has rich and varied resources of economic potential, though somewhat unevenly spread.

Its people—large, numerically—show as much diversity as do its physical
features and have, over the years, created a cultural mosaic out of different
racial roots, religions, languages and customs. The geography of India expressesall these aspects of the country.

In the latest revised edition of this book, an attempt has been made to
discuss the various geographical features—physical and human (which comprises the economic and social angles). The treatment of the topics is brief but an effort has been made to incorporate important details. The Population Totals of Census 2011 have been incorporated in the relevant chapters. Wherever required, facts have been updated as per reliable available sources. Recentproduction and other data are given in the Appendix.

While all care has been taken to ensure accuracy of fact and figure, it is
possible that errors may have been overlooked inadvertently. Readers are
requested to bring such errors, if any, to the notice of the publishers. Any
constructive suggestion to improve the work will be welcome.


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