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Spectrum Handbook for General Studies Paper-1 Edition 2018

What is New in 27 Edition

  • Designed to meet the preparation needs of candidates of the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination Paper I
  • Detailed information on all the prescribed subjects—current events, History of India, Indian National Movement, Indian and World Geography, Indian Polity and Governance, Economic and Social Development, Environmental Ecology, and General Science
  • Current Events section is useful for the other subjects as well—especially polity, economy, ecological issues and scientific developments.
  • Concise and systematic presentation and balanced coverage
  • Wide-ranging question types, simple and complex
  • Explanatory notes with the solutions which elucidate and add to information
  • Solved papers of UPSC 2011 to 2015 Civil Services Preliminary General Studies-I
  • Select questions from previous years UPSC General Studies papers classified subjectwise alongwith answers.
  • Two Practice Test Papers for self assessment

Our Regular Features

  • Comprehensive, balanced coverage of prescribed subjects incorporating the fundamental principles and facts as well as the finer details not easily available from a single source;
  • Well-researched subject matter compiled after consulting various encyclopaedias, reference manuals, standard text books, dictionaries, newspapers and magazines;
  • Systematic and concise presentation in simple language, with plenty of illustrations, examples, maps and diagrams and revision exercises to reinforce the reader’s understanding of each subject; where subject matter overlaps, duplication of matter has been avoided by providing cross-references to facilitate the reader in getting the required information;
  • Multiple choice questions of a wide range comprising simple and complex types, with an emphasis on the latter; questions designed to test and enlarge awareness by forming information units on their own alongwith explanatory notes to supplement the matter in the chapters;
  • Fully solved General Studies papers of the UPSC Civil Services Examination of the last five years to familiarise the readers with recent question-types and the nature and scope of the examination; this will help even with the changed syllabus—as the changes in the syllabus are not all that drastic.

A special feature is the section, Focussed Reinforcement in Complex Question Types, which concentrates on difficult formats.
The book in its present form gives the most comprehensive possible treatment of the admittedly vast area entitled ‘General Studies’, subject, of course, to the limitations of space. In an undertaking of this magnitude, it is always possible, though regrettable, that some error may creep in despite all the care and sincere effort involved in the production of the work. It would be of great help to us if our readers communicate to us their doubts and send in constructive criticism and suggestions to improve the book for its next edition.


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