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Developments in SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2017

We take this opportunity to thank our readers for the appreciation they have shown for our previous editions of Developments in Science and Technology. The subject is an evolving one and several new discoveries and innovations take place all the time. We have done our best to select items of striking importance as well as those that have an Indian contribution. So this edition too is revised and enlarged.

Besides discussing in detail the core science and technology issues in the ‘hi-tech’ fields of space research, nuclear research, information technology, earth and ocean sciences, energy, and biotechnology, the book also covers some important topics of socioeconomic nature from the point of view of S&T inputs, such as healthcare and medicine, ecology and environment, agriculture, rural development, and industry.

An effort has been made – within the constraints of space and the speed at which new developments take place – to elucidate the principles, concepts and terms associated with each topic in general besides the research developments. At the same time, when scientific endeavours are discussed, research and innovations that India has developed and whatever is relevant to India and the ‘indigenisation’have been placed in context. The information – which is vast – has been presented in a concise and easy-to-understand way.

The section on Recent Developments and Issues in the Appendix, as the name suggests, presents a selection of ongoing research efforts in different fields which have given rise to new ideas, new terms, and fresh application of scientific principles and concepts in the development of new products and processes. Several products have been discussed that have been the outcome of industrial research the world over, and particularly in India. In the process, the section also serves to update the matter in the other chapters. Certain issues of current relevance pertaining to scientific and technological developments have also been discussed.

The general reader will find the book most informative; but for the candidates of competitive examinations and job interviews that call for an advanced awareness of developments in the scientific and technological fields, this book is bound to be most useful.

Suggestions to improve the book are most welcome.

Kalpana Rajaram
August 2017


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