Public Administration Theories and Principles

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Public Administration Theories and Principles 2018

Public Administration Theories and Principles 2017

Public administration may be broadly defined as the management
of affairs of the government at all levels—national, state and
local. It is any kind of administration in the public interest and
has come to signify what is termed ‘governmental administration’.
As well pointed out by John J. Corson and Joseph P. Harris, simply
put, “It is the action part of government, the means by which
the purposes and goals of government are realised.” The government
is involved in many sectors of life today—economic,
cultural, social, regulatory and others. Public administration is
a system of organisation and action involved with performance
of governmental activities at these levels.

With the growing significance of the government in the wake
of expanding public functions, public administration has become
a specialised field today. As a practice it has been witnessing
a radical transformation especially with sweeping social, cultural
and technical changes in recent years; as a discipline, it has been
slowly evolving.

Under the influence of new forces and conceptualisations of
administrative reality, the discipline of public administration has
come to be concerned to a greater extent with explaining the
complexity and diversity of governmental administration. Trends
towards globalisation and privatisation, increasing concern for
environment, advancements in communication and information
technology have all given a fresh direction and impetus to the
role and function of governmental administration. As a discipline,
therefore, public administration has assumed greater relevance
today than ever before, as it has been responding to and reflecting
the needs and problems of practical governance.

This book covers all the important aspects of administrative
theory: its basic concepts, forms of organisation and its principles,
administrative law, comparative pubic administration, public
policy, the developmental paradigm and personnel and financial
administration. It comes in an attempt to satisfy the need for
a work that would present all aspects of administrative theory
in one place. As the series title suggests, it is a Rapid Revision
Studypack that analyses the diverse aspects of administrative
theory in a comprehensive manner supported by numerous
examples, especially with regard to their application in different
administrative systems. It is a compendium of theories, principles
and techniques of public administration characterised by a
detailed yet balanced presentation emphasising on clarity of
subject matter and lucidity of language.

Public administration is a subject of study in various universities
of India. It is an optional subject in the Civil Services (Main)
Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission
and is a subject in the UGC (NET) examination. This book would
be helpful to all those who have taken up Public Administration
as a subject of their choice for graduation and post-graduation
courses. It would be useful for all candidates appearing for the
Civil Services (Main) Examination and the UGC NET examinations
who have Public Administration as a subject, as it covers
the latest syllabus for both these examinations.
Readers are welcome to present their constructive comments
for improvement of the book.


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