Philip Larkin A Critical Review of Selected Poems

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Philip Larkin (1922-1985) was an important poet of the post-War decades, specially the 1950s and 1960s, and a significant member of the group of writers known as ‘the Movement’. This group of writers was critical of the cultural pretensions of Bloomsbury and what it perceived as the ‘elitism’ of a large part of Modernist writing. Larkin may not have been an “angry young man” typical of the late 1950s, but his work does show a consciously “provocative frankness”. He does not sentimentalise human experience; he sees the sham and the lack of true joy in the society around him.In this critical evaluation, Dr B.G. Tandon has reviewed the poetry of Philip Larkin from the perspectives of its content and style in the Introduction, and then gone on to discuss each of the twenty-five poems selected for this critical evaluation in the second section. In the last section, Dr Tandon has provided the annotations for each of these poems.

It is unfortunate that Dr Tandon did not live to see the publication of his perceptive and painstaking work on Larkin. We take this opportunity to dedicate this volume to his memory.

Suggestions to improve the work in any way will be welcome.

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Philip Larkin

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