A Brief History of Modern India

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A Brief History of Modern India

Several books have been written by justly famous authors and historians of India’s struggle for freedom which is the major strand in any consideration of the history of Modern India. But these volumes are extensive and in-depth studies, and often suffer from an overemphasis on one aspect at the cost of another. The present small effort, however, brings together various aspects of the turbulent period (from the arrival of the Europeans on Indian soil and the establishment of British rule in India to the day India won independence and the early years of freedom) in a systematic and succinct manner: major and important details and milestones are effectively discussed while several relevant but little known details are also highlighted.

It is not just the mainstream freedom struggle that has been considered; the disparate efforts—small but significant— of several groups have also been discussed. The political and socio-economic developments that have influenced the growth of modern India have been dealt with in independent chapters.

The endeavour has been to present complex and truly vast material in a brief and easy-to-understand manner, and we hope our readers find the book of use and interest. The present revised edition includes chapters on the advent of the Europeans in India and the British consolidation of power in India besides incorporating additional information under several chapters. There are also chapters on the challenges that a newly independent nation facedin the wake of a brutal partition. The Nehruvian era is also briefly discussed. A survey of personalities associated with various movements, peasant and tribal movements, tables and charts are also given for quick reference.

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Sources for the History of Modern India

Major Approaches to the History of Modern India

Advent of the Europeans in India

India on the Eve of British Conquest

Expansion and Consolidation of British Power in India

People’s Resistance Against British Before 1857

The Revolt of 1857

Socio-Religious Reform Movements: General Features

A General Survey of Socio-Cultural Reform Movements

Beginning of Modern Nationalism in India

Indian National Congress: Foundation and the  Moderate Phase

Era of Militant Nationalism (1905-1909)

First Phase of Revolutionary Activities (1907-1917)

First World War and Nationalist Response

Emergence of Gandhi

Non-Cooperation Movement and Khilafat Aandolan

Emergence of Swarajists, Socialist Ideas Revolutionary Activities and Other New Forces

Simon Commission and the Nehru Report

Civil Disobedience Movement and Round Table Conferences

Debates on the Future Strategy after Civil Disobedience Movement

Congress Rule in Provinces

Nationalist Response in the Wake of World War II

Quit India Movement, Demand for Pakistan,and the INA

Post-War National Scenario

Independence with Partition

Constitutional, Administrative and Judicial Developments

Survey of British Policies in India

Economic Impact of British Rule in India

Development of Indian Press

Development of Education

Peasant Movements 1857-1947

The Movement of the Working Class

Challenges Before the New-born Nation

The Indian States

Making of the Constitution for India

The Evolution of Nationalist Foreign Policy

First General Elections

Developments under Nehru’s Leadership (1947-64)


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