International Organisations,Conferences and Treaties

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International Organisations, Conferences and Treaties

International Organisations,Conferences and Treaties 2017

The very term ‘organisation’ evokes a sense of order being established on
haphazard or chaotic elements. That, precisely, is what is sought to be
achieved through diplomatic contacts, conferences and treaties in the field
of international relations: the relations between political entities of different
hues seeking to cooperate and resolve conflicts, mostly in enlightened selfinterest. International organisation—the process of bringingorder to a gamut of contacts and ties—has a long history.

International organisations, the institutional structures put in place by the process of organising, and to further facilitate that process, are of comparatively recent origin. Indeed, they were created to deal with the complexity of international relations enjoined by the burgeoning number of independent political units, the nation states, and the variety of fields in which nations interact. Indeed, in this era of globalisation, the very nation state is facing achallenge in the supranational tendencies shown by international institutions.

Today, these institutions play a significant role in world politics, be it
in conflict resolution, peacekeeping, trade and labour regulation, establishment of environmental and human rights norms. They are setting standards to be followed by practically every nation in practically every field.

This book overviews the major international organisations: their origin and evolution, their role and activities. It also summarises important conferences,conventions and treaties, besides giving a resume of recent developments relating to the institutions. There is also a section on terms and concepts germane to international relations which should prove useful to readers. The book is a product of long study and wide-ranging research and designed as a reference manual to meet the needs of a student of international relations. It covers a large number of institutions briefly but without ignoring their important aspects, all arranged systematically for the reader’s convenience. The institutions have been grouped as international government organisations of general purpose and specific purpose, regional organisations according to region (geographic and ideological) and the nongovernmental organisations. However, a comprehensive alphabetical index is provided so that a reader may easily locate any institution without going through the entire book. There is also a review of recent events, conferences,and reports of various international organisations which are of current importance. Also provided is a list of abbreviations used in the book, for easy reference.

While much care has been taken to achieve accuracy of fact and figure,
it is possible that some error may have crept in and been overlooked
inadvertently in a work of such depth. We request our readers to write to
us about improvements to be made in any section of the book: it would be
of great help to us in bringing out a better edition next time.

Kalpana Rajaram


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