India Youth Development Index and Report 2017


On November  13, 2017, Government released the ‘India Youth Development Index and Report 2017’.

  • India Youth Development Index 2017 and the related report have been prepared by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD), Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. 
  • The index has been constructed with an objective to track the trends in Youth Development across the States.
  • The Index enables recognizing the high and low performing states, identifies the weak domains and informs the policymakers the main concern areas of intervention for youth development in the states.
  • The index also measures the achievements made besides serving as an advocacy tool for youth development. The index will also provide reference points to enable judicious allocation of resources
  • Youth are defined as those aged 15 to 29 in the national youth policy (2014). This age-group constitutes 27.5% of India’s population.
  • This report is of enormous value to enable comparisons across geographical areas and categories, as human development index has done in comparing the development situation across regions, nations, and localities.
  • Global Youth Development Index is different from India Youth Development Index on one unique parameter as YDI for India has a new realm i.e. social inclusion. This parameter has been added to appraise the inclusiveness of social progress towards removing inequalities in Indian society.
  • Global Youth Development Index is a composite index of 18 indicators that collectively measure multi-dimensional progress on youth development in 183 countries.India has been ranked 133rd out of 183 countries in the 2016 Global Youth Development Index.
  • In the India Youth Development Index 2017, the first 5 dimensions are retained same as that of Global YDI These five dimensions are education, health and well-being, employment and opportunity, political participation and civic participation for young people. 
  • The indicators and weightage have been tailored in accordance with the importance of the indicators in explaining Youth Development in Indian conditions on national and state level.


♦ Pradeep Gautam


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